Sexual myths you shouldn’t believe!

From the years you first menstruated until the first time you legally rented a car, you’ve probably heard a lot of questionable sexual advice from people who claimed to know better than you. Rumors are usually heard from such reliable sources as your roommate’s roommate in college, most of these dubious myths offer easy solutions to sexual problems that seem to be very complex. Are you in a situation where you do not have a condom at hand? No problem, create your own plastic wrap condoms, sandwich bags or party balloons. But someone might call you “mommy” later!
Well, it would be a gain if the home made condom method actually worked. But it is not very possible. Those who are the source of these confusions seem to rely on the fact that you can use plastic wrap to wrap food as a condom, but only time for the microwave, which has holes in it and through which diseases can be transmitted. But just because plastic wrap is good for oral sex doesn’t mean it’s good for anything that involves a penis, it’s too hard to keep the fluid inside the wrap or the wrap around the penis itself. You can’t rely on that film for pregnancy protection, you can’t be sure that the sperm stays in that film. Better buy a condom, don’t play with something like that!
But the myth of creating a home made condom is not the only one circulating. Please do not try any of the myths we will present to you. Use only a condom, it is the safest! They are much easier to use and sexier than non-inflated balloons or juice showers …

Myth 1: You can’t get pregnant if your partner warms his testicles before intercourse
What this myth actually means: heating the testicles kills the sperm inside them, which makes the human semen useless.
Reasons why this doesn’t work at all: half of you read this, you’ll think someone imagined it while drunk, and the other half probably remembers hearing it in high school.
And like many of these sexual myths, “heated balls” emerged from a small grain of truth, a handful of studies investigating experimental male birth control options have found promising results using balloon heating techniques to make temporarily sterile men. The emphasis is on the word “experimental” because these studies involved new and specialized devices for heating the testicles, not just the general heating of the testicular area. Nor have those specialized devices been authorized for general use. So, if your boyfriend dips his clothes in the bathtub or in the jacuzzi for 10 minutes before starting work, in order not to appear pleasant surprises, you don’t have to bet on that.

Myth 2: You can’t get pregnant if your partner masturbates before the game
Rationale: If a guy masturbates before having sex and then goes to work immediately after, there will be no more sperm to get pregnant
Reasons why this does not work completely: Guess what happens in a “recovery period”, ie what happens to the body of a man who has just ejaculated? If you guessed “more cum”, you’re right!
The male body prepares more sperm during the recovery period, so there is no way to run out of sperm at all.

Myth 3: You can’t get pregnant when you do it for the first time!
What are the chances of getting pregnant for the first time?
Let’s see why this doesn’t work: Looks like the chances are pretty high! When it comes to sex, you are just as likely to get pregnant the first time you have sex, as 1000 times as possible. There is absolutely no research to suggest that it is more difficult to get pregnant or get an infection the first time you have sex, honestly, there is no crazier way to start your sex life than with an unplanned pregnancy or an infection. ..

Myth 4: You can’t get pregnant if you make love in a more special position
Let’s see what the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis myth is: Sperm from a man’s semen cannot reach a woman’s reproductive system if you have sex with the woman on top or while she is standing.
Reasons why this does not work so sure: The science of conception is not so simple that gravity is the only decisive factor, even if a lot of semen leaks from a woman’s vagina during or after intercourse, all that is needed is little to get pregnant. And our reproductive systems are full of mucus and other things meant to support the sperm and keep it on track to its destination. Sperm is able to swim successfully in all sorts of directions and you certainly can’t fool them so easily!

Myth 5: You can’t get pregnant if you drink or shower with soda (juice)
Rationale: Certain soft drinks, such as Mountain Dew, have become the subject of urban myths that claim to possess substances that can reduce the number of sperm in drinkers. There are also rumors that washing the vagina with certain soft drinks after intercourse can destroy sperm.
Reasons why this does not work completely: There is absolutely no research to confirm that consuming any kind of sour drink can reduce your sperm count. And a 1985 study by Harvard Medical School found that no variety of Coca-Cola worked to prevent pregnancy if it was used to wash your vagina after sexual intercourse.
In fact, no shower works like a contraceptive, on the contrary, showers can push sperm into the uterus. Even in the best case scenario, showers will do nothing to reduce the chances of swimmers reaching the eggs. In addition, using a shower immediately after sex can increase the chances of getting an infection. In fact, most doctors recommend that you do not wash immediately, because they can destroy good bacteria and be outnumbered by bad bacteria that can trigger infections.

Myth 6: You can’t get pregnant if you jump up and down after sex!
What is the idea: the semen that leaks when you jump makes the unwanted sperm not reach the eggs.
The reasons this doesn’t work is: If it were that easy … But, this is like trying the system, having the woman on top, jumping up and down to prevent pregnancy, just doesn’t work. Once the sperm are there, you can’t go back, so jumping won’t accomplish anything.

Myth 7: You can’t get pregnant if you have sex in the water!
Reasons why this doesn’t work completely: it’s not so easy to fool sperm, folks! They have only one job to do and they are really determined to do it, whether you are on land, at sea, in the air or in some kind of time portal. The water will not clean the vagina, taking the sperm away, if you have sex in the water, the sperm will still enter the reproductive organs when you release them. Even with small bonuses, meaning your partner may be irritated by chlorine or may contact bacteria. So you better give up on this idea. It’s not that much fun and you’ll feel very weird about it later, when your parents go to the bathroom too.
Seriously, guys, just use a condom, it’s the simplest and safest!